"According to the official website of AyurvedicUrea.. This medicine work guaranteed on anyone who is not infected by HIV, who is not a dwarf and who is over 13 and under 45 and if you fall under the above mentioned category and still it does not work on you there could be only 2 valid reasons and they are as under...



Sunday, June 3, 2018

5'9" to 6'3" Before After pic Ayurvedic Urea Proof

Okay here is another video testimonial/review i.e before after pic found on youtube. This user (identity unknown but user name reveals David) tried the ayurvedic urea to grow 6 inches and transformed to 6 foot 3 from 5 foot 9. That's a wonderful achievement. Here's the video:

Saturday, May 26, 2018

All major growth in your legs :P

Do you desire having long sexy legs? Don't look further, Ayurvedic urea is the real bet. From many source and users before after pics it is confirmed that most of the growth is seen in your legs. Spine is next. Also it's confirmed growth is proportional and 100% natural. One thing to observe is side effect which is dependent on your body type. If you are strong and healthy you won't face any side effect like headache, somnolence, nausea etc. If you are weak and unhealthy you should expect to welcome couple of side effects like puking, headache, somnolence. Side effect is not harmful but welcoming. Good Luck


Friday, May 25, 2018

Success Story : This 34 years old male grew full 8 inches !

Via youtube this guy identity unknown grew full 8 inches by using the powder version of Ayurvedic Urea.
Before height as claimed by him: 5 feet 3 inches
Current height as of now claimed by him: 5 feet 11 inches, just shy of 6 foot.
His before pic and after pic as under:



Miracle medicine...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Success Story ! This girl grew full 9 inches !!!

Update: From some sources I learnt about this girl and here's her info... She wasn't always like this. She was tiny and short. She was a female dwarf but now it seems her life is changed and she is living the life she always dreamt about. She is a model now. She isn't signed up for modelings or movie but one thing is for sure she looks like a model. Hell yeah. See the legs :P

Looks completely natural growth, Proportional height gain!

This girl name(anonymous) most probably from Asian heritage grew full 9 inches eating the ayurvedic urea medicine. Her after pics below: Before pics not available! Update: Before pics now available, scroll below. According to her she took the 8 inches powder pack. She is currently 24 years old and was 4 feet 11 inches before. Present height 5 feet 8 inches. A solid height for a female model. Source Youtube

Her Before Pics Source this youtube video.


Friday, April 20, 2018

Ayurvedic Urea Proof : Before and After pics/videos

Hi friends how are you and how is your life going on? I am a real user of this product and I have the 7 hours long dvd's with me which contains 350 before and after pics of 80 individuals from 10 countries. Also it contains 6 hours long video which shows before and after progress of those individuals. I have watched the videos and pics from start to end and it's real. The video/pic is not edited in any ways. I myself took the video to the professional photo/video expert and they confirmed that the video/pic isn't edited. It's real. It's not altered.

So if you wanna get the copy of the DVD please comment here.

The price is $9000 plus $50 shipping.

Ok for folks who cannot afford here's something interesting I found on youtube. It's free go and watch...

1st video:-

2nd video:-

There may be other videos on youtube go and watch.. Go figure.


Friday, March 23, 2018

Testimonial by Anonymous : 9 inches growth

This guy nailed it, 9 inches growth from a 8 inches original ayurvedic urea pack, Amazing. Not only he became millionaire from a 200k investment in stock he added extra 9 inches height as well. Well played. You are a pro money player.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

found this on youtube ayurvedic urea before and after pics

Before and after of a 31 year old girl... Looks like the 31 year old chick grew bulk muscular and of course taller... Congrats...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ayurvedic Urea proofs Reviews and Testimonials It is legit and truly works, claimed by many buyers worldwide including me!

Dear my friends, I tried everything almost everything like the growthmax, yoko, growtaller4idiots, Lance Ward books, growthflexv, Carob Fire, sprays, pills etc and needless to say they didn't work on me. Ayurvedic Urea is the only product that worked on me and I became taller. I am 35 years old with growth plates fused since I turned 18. This product is a legit deal. Continue reading for my real review!

See this - My before after pics: TOTAL HEIGHT GAINED 3 INCHES.



More pics:;

Before pic


It is highly and ridiculously expensive but it is worth investing. Well, I am not joking coz once it was priced at $80000 for a 4 inches pack. Now, they have lowered the price to $20000. The best height increasing medicine of all times to make you grow taller quickly and legitimately. It works guaranteed. I tried it and grew 3 inches. Please read further below in details...

UPDATE JULY 24 2017:- There is a huge cover up going online. I found this forum limblengtheningforum where users were talking about ayurvedic urea but all of a sudden the admin of that website deleted the entire thread. I think the admin don't want world to know that this medicine really works and want to force his users to pay for limb lengthening surgeries. fishy.. here is the entire thread which I saved from google cache link (see it here)

Attention:- My friend Mark recently tried the 1 inch sample for his curiosity just to check whether it works for him or not and he actually grew 1.2 inch taller that's like more than 1 inch with a sample 1" package. So, he went to these websites naturalheightgrowth and waystobecometaller to share his positive reviews but looks like the websites owner have not published his comments yet, seems weird to me. Why wouldn't a website approve positive comments and write only negative stuffs about a product? Sounds fishy isn't it? Yes it is! I mean why would a website publish only negative about a product? Just to gain public attention, more website visitors and make money from ads on their website? For now see these screenshots Mark had sent to me...

this one from waystobecometaller update:- was posted

This is from naturalheightgrowth not posted yet

Hello my name is Andrew and I have started this website to post information{mostly reviews/testimonials} about ayurvedic urea miraculous himalayan medicine originated from South East Asia. First, I want to talk about myself. I am 35 from USA, I am married with 2 lovely kids and I work in one of the best company ever 'Walmart' as a store manager. I myself took the 4 inches ayurvedic urea powder and the result wasn't good because I grew only 3 inches but I don't wanna blame the official guys for this. I guess it was my own mistake I took alcohol during the intake which was strictly not recommended by the official website team. so, guys if you are taking ayurvedic urea then forget about alcohol and beers.................... another thing is somnolence which is not that bad or worst only if you can control it or else it's worst. Put your mind into it, put your brain in controlling somnolence it's really harder guys...... At night, before going to sleep say: I can control somnolence many times, this way your subconscious mind would try to control somnolence subconsciously. 

Ayurvedic Urea has gone wildly popular. I am not so sure about this but I heard WWE superstar Chris Jericho who stands roughly around 5.9 or 5.10 tried to purchase Ayurvedic Urea from the official website but since he is already 43 both parties couldn't come into a deal and this was before 13-45 age group came into effect. I personally know a guy who is also my school friend and its the same guy because of whom I came to know about ayurvedic urea and this guy is a part time basketball coach in Akron, OHIO. The only reason I purchased Ayurvedic Urea was I was fuc**** jealous of him. I mean a guy who was lot shorter than me in school days towers over me without shoes now. I asked him what is this all about? how did it happen? Bit** first he hesitate to say but later told me everything in details about ayurvedic urea. After that I without any doubt or questions ordered ayurvedic urea from the official website.

Coming to main point of website purpose:-
Reviews and Testimonials submitted by real users who took Ayurvedic Urea grow taller medicine. This product has become a boon to short people's worldwide. 

Send your review to ayurvedicureareview44@gmail.com
I have included some of the legit testimonials from peoples below check it out. More reviews coming soon stay updated with this website. Thanks Andrew

Tyson talks:- pulled from blog.com. So this guy named as Tyson is saying that he grew but he stopped using the ayurvedic urea powder and he is still growing lol looks like he has turned into a monster these days. I am curious to know where is he from and what is his current status?

I found this review on youtube and liked it very much, check it out follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e8B_5SJUcs and another testimonial here by Justin and this one is fantastic


I found this another testimonial submitted by Lily Shine who is telling the world that she grew couple of inches with the 4 inches original ayurvedic urea package. Please check this link or view the picture below.......

Review no. 1 by Mitaly 32/female from India
Mitaly says in her own words "I cannot explain the somnolence. In 3 weeks I gained 4 cms took 105 days to gain 6 inches this medicine is trustable"

Review no. 2 by George 27/male from Sweden
George says in his own words "i recently turned 27 saved some money ordered 4 inches pack from the official website grew 4 inches awesome the swedish mafia is now back to rock yo yo"

Review no. 3 by Anonymous 17/male from USA

Anonymous says in his own words "I was about 5'10 in 8th grade. And now im in the 11th and my height is 6'5. 8 in pack ayurvedic urea worked.. Im 17 and just grew to 6'5. I was 5'11 last year, and yes I measured correctly. Guys grow until 25 and girls grow until 21, so there is biggessssst hope for most people. I'm guessing I'll hit 6'8-6'9 since I started puberty late, hence my longer growth period still exist"

Review no. 4 by Anonymous from web(pulled from web)
I am 21 and have taken this 8 inches package of ayurvedic urea few months ago and now the result is a shocking one..I have grown more than 16 cms wait its 16.5 cms in a short period and without any side effects, it made me a real me, yes i am saying it because it changed my life and gave me a new life blossoming with flowers and love..i am proud of myself. YOU MUST ONCE TRY AYURVEDIC UREA AND YOU WILL NEVER TRY ANYTHING ELSE, TRUST ME IT WILL WORK FOR ANYONE…CHEERS Proof: I have eaten ayurvedic urea 8 inches powder package and by god’s grace I have grown more than 16 cms in 3 months and still progressing.. Is there anything I can say for this magic powder, no! my short height and now its very long, Due to god’s grace, I have grown taller and taller day by day, it worked for me, I am now going to touch the sky and sky is not the limit for me. Ayurvedic Urea gave me a new life, new hopes, new dreams and almost everything which I thought impossible but now its possible and with joy I can say, it is a real life changing moment for me. I have grown 16.5 cms..can you believe that, this is insane and magic. It works and it worked for me this is my review this is my life.

Review no. 5 by Anonymous from Germany/female web(pulled from web)
hello guys AYURVEDIC UREA worked for me I grew taller 8.32 inches in 3.2 months. I am from germany and female and it worked. for best results you need to take it with milk or chicken etc you will grow even more than 8 inches like me, the more nutrition you take the more you are going to get taller also do note the max it can make you tall is 9 inches. have a great tall journey ahead thank you.

Review no. 6 by Daniel Vittori from web(pulled from web)
Yes it is real! I have taken this medicine and achieved my dreams. This is also known as worlds legitimate height increasing and grow taller medicine..   Price list   4 inches $55000  6 inches $85000  8 inches $105000   If you are rich enough, impossible is nothing in this world.    Like you, I too asked the same question here few months back and now I have a guarantee pic of my height. Source: myself I have taken the 6 inches pack of Ayurvedic Urea

Review no. 7 by Anonymous from web(pulled from web)
Hello friends I am writing here about ayurvedic urea grow taller medicine. 2 questions asked by members..  1 is ayurvedic urea a scam? 2 does it work really?  the answer is yes..it works and no scam at all, this is not a fraud and results are guaranteed.. stop listening to the crazy competitors and rivals who are posting on certain sites saying it is a scam..thats wrong.. I am the one who took the 6 inches powder and I have grown more than 6 inches. I promise and its true. it is not a fraud, this medicine is a miracle....88

Review no. 8 by Masaki 21/male from Japan(received via email)
the ayurvedic urea height program works gained 2-3 inches in just 4 weeks :)
Hello everyone iwas 162 cm and iam 21 years old now iam standing at 173 cm i just made it this works highly recommended to all :))) i am thinking of buying more package in the future after collecting money i just got a high paying job yesterday life is beautiful :))))))))) thanxxx

Review no. 9 by Anonymous(received via email)
IT WORKED 100% ON MY SISTER SHE GREW 9 INCHES TOTAL TIME TAKEN TO ACHIEVE RESULTS WAS 3 MONTHS WOW NO NEED OF LEG STRENGTHENING SURGERY NO PAIN NO SIDE EFFECTS WOW WOW WOW WOW I purchased it from this seller raudenprink@yahoo.com for $7000 my sister ate it for 3.5 months. contact that seller! it worked on. my sister. THANKS A LOT JUST THANKS A LOT..

Review no. 10 by Sharmista 25/old from Singapore(received via email)
AU powder medicine is very awesome. My name is Sharmista Karoli 25 years old from Singapore and I would like to express my gratitude to the inventors of this good medicine for making my life and helping me in achieving my long awaited dreams. I have grown 6/1/2 inches. Very legitimate product to increase our height! My ratings 10/10 5stars previous height 5.6 current height 6.0.5

Review no. 11 by Anonymous 21/old from web(pulled from web)
wow it is true and 100% true i have grown taller it made me taller a new baby is born again today yahoooooooooooo i am tall a healthy tall body a nice personality ayurvedic urea i love you. yes it is true ayurvedic urea works it worked on me.... hooooo hoooooo chunk chunk the best invention by scientist to make you grow taller daily in mms.  i have grown taller  something finally worked...yahooooooo I am 21 and grew 6 inches and more with it. everyday you will grow slowly by slowly like few mms every day.. you will also face crazy somnolence but don't worry that is making you taller. the more somnolence its more better. i have to say this works on anyone who takes it. ayurvedic urea is best and legitimate way to gain height. now trust me oh baby ya babes.

Review no. 12 by Alexi 32/old/female from Finland via email(received by email)
I was looking for a legitimate way to grow taller from several years but all online height increasing products and pills turned out to be bullshit and sucking scam. When I was in India for a business trip someone recommended me ‘ayurvedic urea’ powder saying its the best height treatment available and they have grown taller but would not recommend to spend huge dollars just to grow taller. I got confused, what were they saying lol? Since, I have tried many things in the past years, therefore I thought why not give this product a final try before I quit my grow taller dream and bury it under my mind. I was shocked to hear its price. united states dollar 10000 at that time. The next thing that shocked me was the 55 kilo grams of dose. I was like what the hell is this? Later, I made my mind and purchased it borrowing money from my parents. I can't wait to tell you my results...... oh my god it worked. I grew. my shattered dreams turned into reality. I grew 14.5cms, this is my story. Alexi

Review no. 13 by NicoleGates female from web(pulled from web)
See this pic below or click here
Review no. 14 by Anonymous from Hongkong from web(pulled from web)
See this pic below or click here

Review no. 15 by Carlos Orton from USA from web(pulled from web)
For Carlos review check out the pic below or click on this link

Review no. 16 by Anonymous from web(pulled from web)
Another review coming out from Q/A website, check this link or watch pic below:-

View this link or see the pic below!

View this link or see the pic below

REVIEW #19:- A guy from UK complains about how ayurvedic urea created a problem to him and was denied entrance to Canada just because he grew taller... link

REVIEW #20:- link, pic below!

 REVIEW NO. 22:- Someone on facebook created a page with the title.. I grew taller eating 55 kg's of ayurvedic urea, the user is so happy to share stuff like that on facebook.
link pic below


newly added...
from bb forum

from fairfax forum

1 more..


Post your comment

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Simple, don't get confused. Don't be fooled by scammers.
Original Ayurvedic Urea works guaranteed, its proven and loads of reviews and testimonials online, if you don't believe me check out this page .

Fake or duplicate Ayurvedic Urea does not work at all and you will lose your money, time and almost everything. For more information visit the official website page here.


The End

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Ayurvedic Urea reviews:- All testimonials submitted by authentic users who took this medicine.

What is a review?
A review is a formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.

Check out all legit reviews posted by people's 

about ayurvedic urea, click the link below



Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I've received this question many times and I'm now fed up answering them. Therefore I would like to post it here. Ayurvedic Urea is not a scam. This medicine is authentic and works guaranteed.

For more info visit the reviews page here

this one i pulled from web

The End